A Polar Vortex? This has been the newest word trend as so much of the USA and Canada experiences low temperatures and high snow falls that we’ve not seen for the last couple winter seasons. However, meteorologists assure us that the term Polar Vortex has been around for as long as people have been studying and forecasting weather. Still, it does seem to be an odd time to discuss A/C Condensers when so much of North America will have mountains of snow still melting in May and June. But rest assured, this is not the time to ignore the A/C components on your Peterbilt, Freightliner, International, and other heavy duty over the road trucks.


Although the function of the A/C condenser is to dissipate heat, the best time to take care of it is when it’s cool outside – not when the temperatures are back up to 80 or 100 degrees and you’re in need of it NOW. Debris restricts the air flow that keeps the condenser from working properly. As you know, just driving down the road is a huge contributor to this build up. Winter adds to it the salt and sludge from the road that could be another layer of coating to the bugs that ended up there from summer and fall.


Keeping the debris clear is the best way to keep your condenser ready for the heat of the spring and summer months coming up. Just be careful when removing that debris to not bend or damage the fins during the process that could lead to other issues later. The good news is that, relatively speaking, replacing your heavy duty condenser is one of the most economical parts to replace. So, when in doubt – change it out!


Radiator Pros carries a full line of A/C component parts along with condensers such as compressors, evaporators, accumulators, and driers. It may still be chilly outside now, but summer heat really is just around the corner!