One thing often overlooked when replacing the radiator in your semi truck is the condition of the radiator frame. What may appear as being in good condition to the naked eye may, in fact, be slightly tweaked or bent. Now to many, this may not seem like a big deal. An insignificant issue that can easily be bent back to be fixed, or even neglected altogether.  At American Radiator we not only believe otherwise but have a solution as well. 


By installing a plastic aluminum semi truck radiator into a framework that is not straight, you are actually putting your new radiator into a bind. The impact this has is based on the condition of the framework. But regardless, you are compromising the longevity of the new radiator installed. The vibration a semi truck radiator undergoes can be difficult enough, but when you add additional pressure points to the core and header, or mounting points on the tank, you have a recipe for failure.  Now that we've identified a potential issue, the great thing is we have a solution.


American Radiator offers replacement radiators for all major heavy duty truck brands and models on the road today, including Volvo radiators. And for certain applications, we offer plastic aluminum truck radiators, plastic aluminum radiators in the frame, and complete bolt together copper brass radiators. For today we are going to focus on the popular Volvo VNL and VNM plastic aluminum radiators, with and without the frame.