Assisting you in the Trucking Industry


Serving the trucking industry for over 35 years has been a learning experience and an amazing, yet fulfilling, challenge. Radiator Pros’ growth initially came through customer referrals. That fact has been the motive behind doing all we can to continue to find ways to serve our customers better each and every day. The new Radiator Pros Website is just one more avenue to ensure customer satisfaction and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our customers!

How were you instrumental in our success? First, sharing your trucking expertise with us played a key role. When you told us that the original three row radiator didn’t cool a 379 model Peterbilt with a 450HP Caterpillar engine, we provided a four and five row as well as high efficiency units which allowed for proper fan clearance and air flow. When the Volvo or Freightliner OEM’s had issues with cracked frames, we found aftermarket radiators which addressed these critical stress points with reinforcements. Taking the time to communicate your firsthand knowledge provided us the opportunity to supply the best options across all of our product lines of heavy duty radiators, charge air coolers, turbo charges, A/C condensers and more. However, you didn’t stop there!

Next, it was your voice that guided our hand in the making of the new Radiator Pros website. It doesn’t matter if the product is spectacular if you’re unable to find it. That’s why easy navigation, clear and concise descriptions, OEM and other cross reference numbers, product dimensions, and applications are all incorporated across the new website. Downtime is money in the trucking industry and we want to help you keep it as minimal as possible. Spending much of that time trying to identify whether or not you have the correct part for your truck is nothing more than a waste.

Finally, there’s the Radiator Pros blog. Specific technical information in the heating and cooling industry is not always easy to find. The goal of our blog is to provide you with current data regarding changes throughout the trucking industry and how it may impact the service parts you use or offer to your customers. Further, as the year models change along with their specific needs, we’ll keep you informed about new products as those demands are adjusted and the products become available. Also, it’s great fun to share the stories of our customers! Sometimes we’ll describe a unique problem that we were able to find a solution to which may, in turn, help someone else should they come across a similar situation. Other times, our customers might share a personal story with us about one guy or gal, one truck, and one road.  You’re not alone out there and you’ll see evidence of that with these fascinating, sometimes frightening, and oftentimes heartwarming stories.

So, what’s so great about the new Radiator Pros website? It’s all about you – our customers. We welcome your feedback, ideas, insights, and posts to continue making it the most user-friendly and informative tool you have available in the trucking industry. Welcome! We look forward to hearing from you!