If you are a racer you've most likely been there at some point. Running at the front of the pack...only a handful of laps remaining in the feature event...and your engine over heats! This leaves you to A, either pull in, or B, stay out and possibly damage internal components of your engine. Either way, it's frustrating knowing this could have most likely been avoided.


And now you're able to put your trust in industry experts, whom have served the cooling industry since 1976. American Radiator is pleased to announce a new product line of GM All Aluminum racing radiators. With one or two row radiators, you can choose between single pass radiator, double pass radiator or triple pass radiator options. 

But you may be asking yourself, what's different between your radiator and the dozens of options available online? And that's a great question.

 At American Radiator, we've been able to use not only our circle track racing experience, but have also applied our decades of experience gained in developing heavy duty cooling products designed to withstand extreme conditions. The result...a circle track radiator that maximizes cooling efficiency and provides ease of installation for you the racer.

 double pass racing radiator

Here are some of the product features:

• 100% all-aluminum construction.
• Tig welded for added strength and longevity. 
• Optimum fin count per inch for specific application.
• No epoxy, glue or crimped gaskets used in manufacturing process.
• Cross-flow design for optimum cooling.
• Upper connection: 1.5"  Lower connection: 1.75".
• Features 1" tubes for extreme cooling capacity.
• All aluminum design for added durability under extreme conditions.
• Tapered tanks to allow for a larger core surface area,  to help cool even the highest horsepower engines.
• New "C" channel top and bottom rail for easier mounting and installation. Plus this allowed us to increase the number of tubes in core, for improved cooling.
• No trimming required! 

racing radiator