Are you still using the old way to replace your diesel particulate filter? Well, today we are going to explore the new way to buy your DPF. A way that provides you with more value than you expect, for less money than you imagined.

Dinex DPF Dinex diesel particulate filter 


Do you still find yourself confused on where to turn when it comes time to replace your DPF? Not sure if you should call an OE supplier or not because that's what came with the truck originally. Ultimately afraid of what the price tag could be on a new OE filter because of stories you've heard, and not too excited about what that cost does to your operating expenses? Or have you been confused when you've been offered a reconditioned DPF as an option? Not really sure if this is a new or used product because two salesmen told you two different things? A little overwhelmed by what the actual core charge could end up being when you bring your original filter back? And are you concerned that saving a few hundred dollars on a reconditioned filter may come back to bite you, as you have no idea how many times the insert has been cleaned or if there is internal damage that has yet to surface?


Now throw in the option of an aftermarket diesel particulate filter, and what questions that add to the equation. Are they really the same quality as your original filter? Will the performance and fuel economy be the same? Will they stand by the warranty offered? Since this filter is cheaper than an OE option, how long will it really last?


For now, let's assume you've worked through these questions and decided to purchase your replacement diesel particulate filter. Did you remember to purchase new gaskets as well when you ordered the DPF? Did you inspect your used clamps to make sure they would work well with the new filter during installation? Or are these two things you'll remember once you go to install the filter in the truck, after hours when suppliers are closed? We all know far too well the common issues faced when trying to get a truck back on the road, where it belongs, with a fast-approaching deadline.

For many, the questions above can be overwhelming. And if you don't take the necessary time to research your options thoroughly enough, you could be leaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the table. The good news is that with Dinex Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and Diesel Oxygen Catalysts (DOCs) you have an industry-leading option that addresses many of your concerns. 


First of all, Dinex DPFs and DOCs come with required clamps and gaskets included in the box with your purchase. No more last minute installations gone bad with a faulty gasket or broken clamp. And done are the days of trying to match up an OE number on a clamp that is worn down or hard to read. As you can see, Dinex filters not only saves time but the added value you receive with your filter purchase is unmatched by any other aftermarket supplier today. And compared to an OE option the price difference is staggering. 




Dinex is a global company with a local feel. The design process begins by tearing down and analyzing a new filter that is OE on each application. These individual pieces are tested for material construction, chemicals used, and other critical engineering attributes. With engineering facilities around the world, this research information is gathered globally and passed on to the facility in Georgia. It's this information that is used to create a brand new DPF that meets or exceeds OE specs for reductions in particulate matter. And with all assembly being completed in the USA, quality control, fill rate, and new product introduction is second to none. 

- Assembled in the USA, Dinex offers exact fit product for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack, Volvo, Navistar and Paccar models.
- Dinex filters are designed to meet or exceed OEM reductions in particulate matter.
- Dinex filters are constructed of 100% new materials: no remanufactured or reconditioned units.
- Canning is constructed of high-grade stainless steel.
- Backed by a Two-Year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty.
- More than 30,000 Dinex DPF systems have been installed worldwide.

So when you find yourself in need of a replacement DPF, it's time you use the NEW WAY of purchasing your diesel particulate filter.