How often should my diesel particulate filter (DPF) be cleaned? A common question we hear when working with our customers out in the field. There are a variety of opinions on how to answer this question, but in our opinion one thing is certain. If you neglect your filter it will come back to haunt you at the most inconvenient time.


Manufacturers recommendations for DPF cleaning can range anywhere from 150,000 miles to 300,00-miles. Initially, that may seem like a long amount of time. But what most people don't understand is that those recommendations are based on dyno testing, under ideal conditions in a controlled environment. The reality is that driving patterns can reduce cleaning recommendations by as much as 80%.


Let's walk through a 300,00-mile cleaning example, and delve into how driving patterns impact these recommendations.

  • Heavy Load Out - Heavy Load In 100% of route = 300,000-mile cleaning interval.

  • Heavy Load Out - Light Load in = 150,000-mile cleaning interval.

  • Multi-Stop deliveries = 75,000-mile cleaning interval.

  • Slow moving / low mileage / hydraulic use stops = 37,500-mile cleaning interval.


As you can see, the heavy-heavy load was the ideal situation and produces the best results. But once you deviate to the different driving and load patterns, the recommendation is cut by 50% at each level.

Now the big question is...what happens if I don't clean my filter until my truck "tells" me?
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But in addition to fuel economy, cold duty cycles can cause your filter to become loaded with soot, attract moisture, and eventually crack or fail due in part to exotherm.

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