People within the trucking industry know the manufacturing standards that require diesel particulate filters in trucks 2007 and newer. And the fact this impacts millions of trucks on the road today is no surprise to anyone. What you may not realize is that not all DPF cleaning techniques are the same. And failing to completely service your DPF properly could be costing you money.


In short, a diesel particulate filter's job is to trap microscopic carbon, essentially freeing the exhaust of pollutants and odor. To help with filter maintenance, trucks are capable of performing an active regeneration cycle that assists in the cleaning process. However, this alone does not remove the ash from the filter that occurs as part of the oil burning process. And at some point the diesel particulate filter will need to be cleaned properly to ensure performance and longevity.


When it comes to cleaning your DPF we know you have options. We also realize that in most cases, time is of the essence. At American Radiator, we believe we can give you the best of both worlds with next day turnaround.


Some companies offer a cleaning process that simply blows soot from the filter. This may get you by in the short term, but regardless we believe it's costing you performance and only providing a band aid to the issue, not a solution.


At American Radiator we utilize a multi-step cleaning process that bakes and blows the elements from the filter. In addition, we also inspect the filter construction and ceramic insert to make sure your filter is able to withstand the demands of daily use. In addition to baking temperatures around 1200 degrees, the blowing process is done manually. This enables us to spend additional time on areas of the filter needing it most.


The result... a properly cleaned diesel particulate filter that helps maximize power, performance and fuel efficiency.


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