When replacing your Cummins Diesel Particulate Filter there are a number of factors you will want to consider before making your purchase. Factors like fit, function, performance and the big one...budget. The good news is, at American Radiator we offer a wide selection of Cummins DPF's and DOC's that can give you peace of mind in all these areas.

One of the first things you need to evaluate is whether or not you are comparing like products. By this we are asking are all the filters you are researching new products. With the introduction of reconditioned or remanufactured filters, it's easy for the end user to think they are getting something new when in all actuality they are not. By searching OEM sites you can quickly see that a reconditioned filter has simply gone through a cleaning process, but no new components are being used. A major downside to this option is that as the end user, you have no idea of the history of that filter that has been exchanged. Plus, there is typically a core charge associated with this product. A charge that you may or may not receive credit for upon return.

Another thing you need to consider is how the replacement filter fits on your truck. It's important that you trust a product that is a direct replacement for your Cummins diesel particulate filter. That means there should be no cutting, welding or modification needed during filter installation. We do however recommend that gaskets and clamps be replaced during this process to ensure maximum performance.


Overall quality has to be at the top of your list. A quality aftermarket Cummins diesel particulate filter (Cummins DPF) will be manufactured to meet OEM specs. This is a really important point and here is why. The construction of the original DPF is designed to make the entire engine and exhaust package operate at its maximum efficiency. If you were to increase back pressure for the diesel particulate filter, for example, it may sound great as a selling point but actually hurt overall performance. The change in filter construction could alter how the filter interacts with other engine components and cause failure in various areas. Brands at American Radiator, like the Max Diesel Particulate Filter, are designed to meet original equipment specs and work in your truck exactly how the manufacturer intended.


And finally, we come to the budget for your replacement Cummins DPF. Although you may come across a cheaper option, you need to look at warranty coverage, and expected operating costs over the next three to five years. A great example of this is comparing a reconditioned filter to a brand new aftermarket DPF. The reconditioned option may cost $900 (assuming you receive 100% of your core charge back). In many cases, we've heard of customers being told to throw their reconditioned DPF away versus cleaning it annually. Over 3 years, this would cost a fleet $2700 or more for a used filter, offering minimal warranty coverage and no service history. If you compare that to a new Max DPF, you would most likely save money on the acquisition cost and have annual cleaning of $200-$300 depending on where you are located. Plus, you know you have a new filter that is backed by a limited LIfetime Warranty. Keep in mind, a new filter should last you 5 years with proper scheduled maintenance being performed on the filter. When extending the lifespan out this far, there is a significant saving per truck when purchasing a new filter compared to a reconditioned option.


With the advancement in technology and increase in manufacturers, choosing the right Cummins diesel particulate filter can be difficult. We invite you to contact our sales staff by phone or instant chat to help work through any questions you may face.

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