When it comes to selecting a charge air cooler, many people tend to concentrate on price or a quick solution to get them back on the road fast. But when you look at the big picture, it's important that you find the right combination of quality, price and dependability before making your selection.


The manner in which a charge air cooler decreases operating temperatures of compressed air is critical to the overall performance and efficiency of the engine. Air passing through a turbocharger will see a drastic rise in temperature, and this is when a charge air cooler can make...or break your time on the road!

charge air cooler diagram

As a general example, compressed air exiting the turbocharger can reach temperatures up to 400°F or more. On the flip side, air exiting the charge air cooler can be reduced to temperatures around 175°F or less. Furthermore, the charge air cooler increases air density and is designed to keep air flowing. Restricted airflow will result in pressure dropping, and pressure drop eliminates performance advantages gained by the turbocharger. 


As you can see the engine, turbocharger and charge air cooler all play important roles in your air induction system.
At American Radiator, we offer standard charge air coolers along with bar and plate options, designed to withstand extreme work conditions. Call our professionals to make sure we get your the right charge air cooler for your specific application.


Standard Charge Air Cooler

 standard charge air cooler


Bar and Plate Charge Air Cooler

 bar and plate charge air cooler