American Radiator has recently added an industrial burn off oven to our arsenal of cleaning equipment. But if you're like many others, you may be asking...what does that mean for me?

Well the short answer is our industrial burn off oven expands our cleaning capabilities, ultimately saving you time and money. We now have a solution to clean oil or antifreeze soaked DPF's, oil soaked intakes, or even fuel cells that need attention. 

The burn off oven process is a temperature controlled environment that eliminates the use of solvents, acids or other hazardous cleaning chemicals used on "soaked" parts. During this type of cleaning process. And the smoke driven off during the cleaning process passes through an afterburner, creating an ordorless, harmless exhaust.

So the next time you have a wet stack, oil cooler, DPF or auxiliary cooler that you aren't sure how to clean, give us a call. Our expanded cleaning option will get your equipment back into service quickly, and help prolong the life of individual parts.