Having trouble with your all aluminum radiator, charge air cooler, or hydraulic oil cooler? Gone are the days where you had to replace your existing unit or cooling pack with new components. Let our professionals, who have been specializing in the heavy-duty industry since the 1970's, help you not only save time compared to buying an OE option but save huge amounts of money as well.

There are many factors that come into play when determining the condition of your aluminum core and aluminum tank radiator, charge air cooler or hydraulic cooler. In some cases, our shop technicians may be able to effectively clean the unit inside and out. And with our heat extraction oven, we are able to bake out some of the contaminants in the core like crushed asphalt or concrete that other repair shops aren't able to remove.

Eventually, over time, cores will begin to deteriorate under the extreme work conditions they face during the hot summers or cold winters. And the thicker the core the more difficult it becomes to repeatedly get it clean after repeated use. Once the fins or the tubes of the core have been compromised it is time to weigh all your options. After all, nobody wants to take install a radiator, cooler, or cooling pack just to have to take it back out a few months later. In the past, going to the OE was your only option to get a new part the fit and performed properly. Well now, all that has changed.


After extensive training and research, American Radiator has expanded our services to now offer re-coring of all aluminum units in-house. This service is an excellent option for heavy-duty equipment, off-road equipment, ag equipment, transit buses, stationary units, generators, and mining equipment.

aluminum core repair  aluminum core repair


- Replacement cores are manufactured in the USA ensuring high quality and quick turnaround time.

- Original Equipment (OE) style core manufacturing with performance-enhancing options available.

- Re-core services carry a one-year warranty covering core manufacturing and craftsmanship.

- Tube & fin as well as bar & plate construction options available to accommodate heavy-duty equipment or extreme work conditions. 


- Available with heavy-duty extruded tubes or non-extruded square tubes.

- Option for non-louvered fins making it easier to clean.

- Bar & plate core options available for extended life in more severe work environments.


- Engine oil coolers, transmission oil coolers, hydraulic coolers, compresses air or gas coolers.

- Available with dimple tube design for superior performance.


As you can see, the aluminum re-core services from American Radiator offer an excellent option for your heavy-duty needs. Not only are you guaranteed to receive high quality work from a radiator shop serving the industry since the 1970's, but you will save time and money, all while getting your unit back into operation faster.

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