Check Out Our New Line of Agricultural Power Modules


Farming is a time honored tradition and way of life that is usually handed down from generation to generation. As a matter of fact, family farms make up 98% of all farms in the United States according to the US Department of Agriculture. Being raised knowing the long days and hardships that farming can bring requires a person with great stamina and character. Surely farmers know that it could be much easier to take a job and punch a clock for someone else rather than be subject to Mothers Nature’s whims and seven day work weeks, yet they do it every day.


The struggle to keep the farm running smoothly and at a profit oftentimes relies on those things the farmer can control, such as the investment and operation of their agricultural equipment. A Caterpillar Challenger MT745B tractor or a Case 2377 Combine that is running slow in the field may get the job done eventually, but at what cost in time and efficiency? RadiatorPros is proud to announce its new line of Agricultural Power Modules that add up to 35% more horsepower while using less fuel. Easy installation saves on downtime to ensure that you can begin covering more acres per hour or have increased ability to pull larger implements.


The modern day farmer moves toward better technology to improve production for more predictable outcomes and profits. It is for this reason that great care is taken to provide Agricultural Power Modules that are designed to safeguard against corrosion, vibration, humidity, and non-uniform temperature gradients. Sealing the industrial spec components within the unit ensures that it can withstand the severe environments where agricultural tractors and combines live and work.


Before sun up and until after sundown, farmers continue to feed, clothe, and fuel us. RadiatorPros would like to thank today’s farmers for enriching our lives by providing us with the things we likely take most for granted. Your legacy has not been forgotten.