Heavy Duty Radiators for a Heavy Duty Truck

People would likely agree that the most recognizable logo around the world is probably Coca-Cola, but if you’re in the trucking industry, the one that stands out most is another classic red and silver logo by Peterbilt. This simple oval has been displayed proudly across the grill and along the side of every year model Peterbilt truck since it was first introduced in 1953. And why not? Peterbilt has stood the test of time as a top manufacturer of heavy duty trucks since 1939. Do anything for 75 years and you’re bound to get pretty darn good at it!

The 359 model Peterbilt had a reputation for being the truck constantly tested and surpassing expectations in the field as well as on the road. Initially, this was mainly in the logging trade so it is no wonder that it was this particular model that helped pattern the iconic Peterbilt 379 in 1986. The 379 Peterbilt has become the most popular owner-operator truck in history and continues to run strong even today. This actually comes as no surprise to the sales and customer service departments at Radiator Pros. Many times throughout the day we have the opportunity to speak to the proud owners of the 379 Pete and the satisfaction in their truck purchase is pretty clear. This says a lot when they are calling for a replacement part. The difference is because on a Peterbilt truck, the part is being changed out due to normal wear and part of a good maintenance schedule – not due to unforeseen failures.

Daily, Radiator Pros supplies the best of the best in heavy duty cooling for the ever popular 379 Peterbilt with our 44PB20B charge air cooler and 651414 AC condensers. Also in stock are heavy duty radiators part numbers 558036-4 and 558076 both made with the cooling capacity and efficiencies for any and all engines. Or, if just the core of the radiator needs to be replaced there is the 5633172-4HE for the best in a high efficiency core. As well, tanks and gaskets are kept on hand for changing out only what is needed to save on the budget.

Peterbilt has built their reputation of quality and reliability through its entire line of heavy duty trucks with the 379 running at the forefront. Radiator Pros maintains this same commitment throughout their product line of radiators, charge air coolers, AC condensers and more. Let us show you how much pride we too have in the truck you put your trust in every day.