Every once in a while you might see a vintage sign in the window of a very well established business saying “Air Conditioned”. Sure we chuckle at those now, but back when they were being created and posted, air conditioning might have been the difference between having lunch at one restaurant or another. These days, the sweet relief of cool air is far more taken for granted that it’ll be there when we need it. When you’re confined to the cab of the Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, or Freightliner there are only two options if the AC goes out. Two-fifty AC (2 windows and 50 mph) or see Radiator Pros about a new AC Compressor.


Identifying the right air compressor for your heavy duty, over the road truck isn’t as difficult as you might believe. On an original equipment (OE) Sanden compressor, first locate the silver tag on the unit. The part number you’re looking for begins with the letter U and is followed by four numbers. For example, on a GMC Topkick, the part number may be a U4618. For an International/Navistar, the OE number might be U4815. Or even on a Rigmaster Power Unit, the OE number may show as a U4308. Similarly, if the unit is made by York, the OE part number will begin with the letters ET with a possible mix of alpha-numeric digits following. On a Freightliner truck this number might be ET210L.


Once the number has been located it can be entered into the search box located on any page of our website at www.radiatorpros.com (including the one you’re likely reading from) to identify the air compressor you need for your truck as well as the price. Also, if you require the receiver drier, we can help you with that as well. Enjoy the warmer weather even if it’s best to just view it from your side of the windshield and choose Radiator Pros as your source for high quality, competitively priced, heavy duty air compressors and parts.