Building on our Education and Experience through NARSA

One phrase you hear repeatedly in heat exchangers is “industry standards”. It’s important to know what they are in order to know what customers expect of the heavy duty radiatorscharge air coolers, and oil coolers they purchase. And, what’s the best way to keep in the know? Being an involved member of an organization such asThe International Heat Transfer Association (NARSA) is a great place to start!

This year earmarks NARSA’s 60th Anniversary in supporting those who serve in heat transfer products and services. NARSA has had an unwavering commitment to bringing forth an understanding of new technology, it provides training for technicians and shops as well as the certifications that come with the training, and it provides a way for its members to network. Radiator Pros is excited to be hosting an Ed-Tech session on Saturday, May 3rd where members will be attending several presentations from industry professionals providing them with information they may take back to their radiator shop and immediately apply in the work they do every day. They will also tour Radiator Pros’ facility in Des Moines to see the operations side of the sales and radiator shop services. This gives the members the ability to see how the other guy does it with a goal of sparking new ideas for streamlining or new innovations for their own shop and ways of doing business.

What it boils down to is for 60 years NARSA has been there to support Radiator Pros and now we can show our support of NARSA and its members by offering up a venue and welcoming them to Des Moines Iowa! It is an honor as well as our pleasure to have the members of NARSA experience our community (and maybe show it off a bit!) and learn what’s new within our industry. The best part is that what we at Radiator Pros learn from NARSA becomes a benefit to our customers in supplying the highest quality heat exchangers this industry has to offer!

To learn more about The International Heat Transfer Association that is NARSA, please see their website a