Heavy duty is sometimes truly in the eye of the beholder. An excavator is sure to be considered heavy duty equipment by anyone and is used for the really big jobs. However, sometimes you need equipment that is capable of getting around in smaller places where the path is narrow or the overhead lower. That’s when we rely on dynamite in small packages in the form of fork lifts, loaders and skidsteers.

Look around any busy company with a shop or warehouse and you are sure to find an Allis Chalmers, Case IH (International Harvester), Hyster/Yale or John Deere fork lift keeping things on the move. They are capable of everything from stocking inventory and relocating fixed equipment for the purpose of enhancing or improving workflow throughout the facility or simply loading finished goods on a truck for shipment. The average forklift is capable of moving in the vicinity of 4,000 to 8,000 pounds; considering they only measure around 8’x8’x3’, that’s some pretty mighty mite.

The need to find your way through tight spaces isn’t only found inside, however. Where the excavator cannot get through, the Toyota Huski, Thomas, or New Holland skidsteer most certainly can. They begin with creating the path in the dirt for the sidewalk and then are used again when the paving is done and the snow that has fallen needs to be cleared from them. With literal capabilities of turning on a dime, skidsteers are commonly used in landscaping and in the more intricate areas of the construction site.

Finding the right radiator to keep these small, but powerful pieces of equipment can be demanding. Radiator Pros not only keeps high quality, fork lift and skidsteer radiators in stock, but makes them easy to identify through the simple parts look up on the website at www.radiatorpros.com. Perhaps you are searching for a radiator for other mighty mites like an airport tug or an auxiliary power unit – we’ve got you covered on those as well! Should you have any questions about heavy duty radiators on the smaller heavy hitting equipment, feel free to call one of our experts today!