The business of freight and public transportation has always been closely related; from the view of the manufacturers, that is. The Freightliner over the road semi-truck and the Thomas bus has an association similarly to the way that International Navistar is related to the Blue Bird bus. But, did you know that Kenworth also played a huge role in the production of public transit and school buses beginning in 1926? It was a stepping stone for the company and they were rather well known for this innovation in moving the masses in safety and comfort. The line changed hands thirty years later however, when Kenworth turned their focus to their well-known, class 8 semi-truck so it’s unlikely that you’ve seen one of their buses running down the road recently.

With the exception of the people immersed in this industry, most folks don’t really think about the similarities between a bus and a heavy duty, over the road truck. This is probably because to an outsider their jobs are so different. Certainly no one wants to view hauling freight to carrying passengers as the same thing especially when the passengers are children riding their yellow school bus to class. Yet there are many similarities when it comes to the components of these vehicles.

Just as the ever popular Kenworth T600 requires a heavy duty radiator, charge air cooler, and AC condenser to keep the truck running cool, in many cases the same heat transfer products are a necessity on a Blue Bird, Carpenter or Thomas bus. Radiator Pros has not overlooked this demand and offers a wide assortment heavy duty, high quality bus heat exchange parts to ensure optimal performance and safety. Sure, it’s important for trucks to move everything from raw materials for manufactures to packages during the Holiday’s but when it comes to buses, aren’t they carrying the most precious of cargo?