Highway Construction Means Heavy Duty Cooling

Spring is in the air… the birds are chirping, the butterflies are fluttering, and orange cones are popping up everywhere! No matter how rough our winter months are we always have the orange of spring to look forward to almost immediately after the snow melts off the pavement.

First to be addressed are all the potholes the snowplows have left behind that take huge tolls on our personal vehicles throwing alignments out of whack or tearing holes in perfectly good tires. Even worse are the mighty sink holes that seem to be popping up everywhere – and anywhere. How many pictures have we seen on the news or YouTube of cars, SUV’s, trucks and even houses that have been swallowed by the Earth? It is truly amazing how water moving, freezing, then thawing again, and on the move can create voids (along with those we create ourselves in water and sewer systems) below the surface just waiting to consume anything that dares to sit above the void.

Excavators, wheel loaders, mobile crushers, and crawler carriers will be out to fill those voids and Radiator Pros has the heavy duty radiators and oil coolers to replace those in the field when they fail. Downtime is the last thing anyone wants to deal with during road construction so having the right parts in stock are also crucial during this time. All the names are out there on the side of the road - CaterpillarKomatsuHitachi, New Holland, and Kobelco just as they are all a part of our online catalog for easy identification.

Most importantly, don’t forget that there are workers behind all of that equipment; fathers, mothers, sons and daughters alike. Each year we lose these workers to inattentive driving or speeds too fast for conditions in work zones. So keep your cool when going past a construction area or site, remember to slow down to avoid paying stiff fines and so both you and they stay safe during the Orange Cone season!