The heating and cooling systems in a Volvo, Kenworth, and Peterbilt truck are very complex. Just ask any repair person, or in many cases, the driver and they’ll tell you that there’s a lot of trouble-shooting that goes on prior to finding the reason for failures. Of course, the moment the drips or puddles are sighted under the truck, we immediately envision the high cost of repairs. But, don’t despair. There’s some variance among the opinion of the experts, but we’re finding that around 80% of the source of the leaks are discovered in the tubes and hoses. Happily, these are the simpler and less costly resolutions.

When a leak is spotted, too often a sealer is reached for to stop it. Don’t bother with that in the case of a leaking hose because it simply will not work. Replacement hoses from RadiatorPros are not only economical, but are made of a silicone rubber that is resistant to antifreeze, oil, weathering, cracking, or hardening. The correct hose for your heavy duty, over the road truck such as a Freightliner are easily identified on our website by the inside diameter (ID) measurement of the hose. For stainless steel coolant tube replacements, simply click the make, model, and engine under the Coolant Tubes section of our web-catalog. In example would be a Kenworth – W900B – Cummins N14. The pictured results will show the angle of the tube along with a notation that the tube is flanged.

Remember, when it comes to the tubes and hoses – when in doubt, check them out. The leak issue you’re having might just be a simple fix. However, don’t forget to check all your important connections when changing out your heavy duty radiator, charge air cooler, AC condenser, or heater to make sure they aren’t showing signs of needing replacements and save yourself another leak in need of fixing down the road.