Keeping Cool in Package Delivery

If a radiator is made to fit a (relatively speaking) smaller vehicle like a FedEx or UPS step van, an Isuzu box type delivery truck, or a Bluebird bus, does that mean it’s NOT a heavy duty radiator? Absolutely not!

The truth is that these vehicles have their own challenges in keeping cool while doing the job they were designed to accomplish. An Isuzu box type delivery truck is most likely used for local distribution of products, say to customers within a fifty mile radius of the business. Think for a moment how many stops a FedEx or UPS step van makes in a day with the van idling while the driver unloads, tries to find a safe place to leave the package if no one is there to receive it, or waiting on a signature from someone who is there to take it off the drivers hands. Then, they go a short distance down the road again and have the van back to idling – all the while creating more heat under the hood.

With all these short jaunts, cooler months are hard enough on these trucks but warmer weather makes that task of cooling the engine much more difficult on the cooling components such as the radiator. So, in some ways having a heavy duty radiator to depend upon becomes even more crucial. That’s why Radiator Pros keep as many available options in complete radiators on hand offering aluminum units, copper/brass varieties and aftermarket as well as those made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These options offer you a variety of choices to make the best cooling decision for the make, model, year, and workload for the delivery truck you need to keep cool.

Oh yes, we nearly forgot about the most precious cargo of all! Mass transit and school buses also fall into this category of stop and go transports including Bluebird, Thomas Bus, Carpenter, International and more. Make sure all of your deliveries are on time with the best in heavy duty radiators for those medium duty applications from Radiator Pros!