The Heavy Duty Quality Council (HDQC) has just announced the Max Diesel Particulate Filters by American Radiator are now HDQC Certified! 

   Cummins DPF

The HDQC is a non-profit organization comprised of heavy duty industry professionals. The purpose of the HDQC is to test and certify heavy-duty aftermarket parts to ensure quality, consistency, and reliability. In short, they help provide peace-of-mind when shopping for and comparing diesel particulate filters. And the great thing about the HDQC, is there are no memberships, fees or contributions a company can make to become HDQC approved. It's solely based on the product and how well it serves a need.

Since our business initially began in the mid-1970's, we have put quality and service above pricing. The great thing about our Max DPF products, which include gaskets and clamps, is you don't have to sacrifice one without the other. With an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty, and the just announced HDQC Certification, you can rest assured you are getting a great filter at an exceptional price.




New In The Box DPF's - No Service Exchange Or Reconditioned Units.

OEM Style Fit For Quick Installation.

No Core Charge - Total Value Savings compared to reconditioned options.

Heavy Duty Quality Council Certified! What does this mean?


Max branded diesel particulate filters (DPF's) are manufactured to exact OEM specifications.
This allows your DPF to operate with other engine components and accessories at the optimum level the manufacturer intended. 

• High-grade stainless steel canisters match the material used by OE manufacturers.
• Tested to match the filter performance your heavy duty truck was originally equipped with.
• Backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY covering manufacturer defects for the life of the vehicle.
• Direct fit replacement filter. No modification, welding or cutting required.
• Precious Group Metals are dip coated to match original equipment process.