Clearing the Air with DPF’s

Not feeling the power behind you on those uphill climbs? This may be a sign that that your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is in need of a thorough, professional cleaning. Or, perhaps it’s time for an all new replacement. It is the purpose of the DPF to catch particulates as a contribution to our commitment for cleaner air to breath. Once caught, however, these particulates are then turned to ash and accumulate within the DPF and just as with any other ‘trash’ it has to be taken out at some point or you’re left with the consequences.

Oftentimes, we tend to think in terms of it isn’t broke – don’t fix it. For a Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo or any other heavy duty, over the road truck this thought process will only increase the possibilities of downtime. In the case of DPF cleaning, the process requires several hours to complete the cleaning cycle. Add to that the labor time for pulling and reinstalling plus transit time to the shop where the cleaning will take place. Time, time, time – this isn’t a luxury most drivers have when time is money but only when the truck is on the road working. That is why it’s best to plan for the downtime for any repair to keep it as minimal as possible.

The warmer, summer months are usually the worst time of all to take the truck down for maintenance such as cleaning the DPF. However, the tradeoff for delaying the cleaning of your DPF is engine lag, poor fuel economy, and the possibilities of outright failure of the unit. As the DPF unit gets older cleaning can become more difficult requiring more time for an effective cleaning or, a pending freight run may not allow for taking the truck down while being cleaned so you may choose to opt for a new unit instead.

Radiator Pros offers all the best in DPF cleaning and keeping new DPF units on hand ready to ship for Caterpillar,CumminsDetroit DieselMack engines and more. Your needs vary so we want to make absolutely certain that all options are offered and available. Keeping the air as clean as possible is all of our responsibility so take a minute to review the needs of your DPF today.