International D Style Diesel Fuel Tanks

It was only a couple months ago that Radiator Pros introduced a new line in heavy duty, over the road fuel tanks to their customers and already experiencing great success with this new product offering. To date, our number one seller is the D-Style 50 gallon fuel tank. The application for this tank is the ever popular International Navistar 4300, the International Navistar 4400, the Ford F600 and F700 Series trucks, and the GMC Topkick Models and they are moving fast!

There are a few things you need to know when ordering a tank; the first thing the capacity of the tank you’re looking to replace. Tanks are offered in capacity ranges of 50 to 150 gallons. Then, the location of the tank – driver or passenger (sometimes referred to as ditch) side? Where is the fill located – front fill or rear fill? Finally, what are the dimensions of the tank so we may ensure a perfect fit?

To measure your fuel tank, begin by standing where you would when filling up. The length of the tank is found going from seam to seam on the welds. Width (especially on a D shaped tank) is measured at the widest point of the tank. Then, the height is measured. On round tanks, the diameter is also considered in the dimensions for fit. Finally, identify size and location of fittings. Fittings are measured in either or both inside dimension (ID) or outside dimension (OD) and the threads per inch (NPT) on fittings and plugs.

Wow! This measuring process certainly looks complicated and time consuming but really, it’s not. Very likely it will take less than five minutes to take note of the size of the tank and identify location properties. And, if you’re unsure of any of the dimensions or where to find them remember that the friendly, professional customer service and sales staff at Radiator Pros stands ready to walk you through it. Just grab your tape measure and your cell phone and give them a call at 1-877-203-4572.

Protect your fuel investment and downtime by getting the right fuel tank the first time with Radiator Pros and for more information on our fuel tank product line, see our blog post of April 11, 2014, “Here We Grow Again… Diesel Fuel Tanks”