Happy 4th of July from Radiator Pros!

Fireworks, parades, cookouts and of course - proudly displaying our flag of red, white and blue. Independence Day is upon us; the day to celebrate our country with family and friends. Even better this year is that it lands on a Friday affording us a long weekend in which to relax and reflect.

Radiator Pros hopes that this weekend gives you the opportunity to kick back and do nothing, or do the something that you’ve been putting off just for the satisfaction of saying you got it done! Spend time with the people you care about most, make a new friend, or find an empty corner to sit and read alone. Take a moment thank our military or a veteran for their service in keeping our freedom. And, when saying the Pledge of Allegiance, go ahead and place your hand over your heart and remember why you bothered to commit it to memory.

We are a proud nation and however you choose to celebrate this birthday; we hope that it finds all you happy, healthy, and safe. Happy Independence Day from all of us at Radiator Pros!