The Season Begins for A/C Condensers & Compressors

Over the winter, Radiator Pros blogged a little reminder that the ice, snow, and cold wasn’t going to last forever and that it may be time to check out your A/C components like the condenserscompressorsevaporators,accumulators, and driers. We were happy to see so many take our advice and act on it! But hey, we understand that sometimes it’s a matter of priority and budgeting when it comes to the maintenance demands of those hard working Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Mack, and International trucks.

Now that the temperatures are a bit more reasonable to be standing outside your truck looking in, make sure you give the A/C components a good visual check to find where failures may occur and determine if they should be replaced before it becomes an issue. Winter always works its way under the hood in search of the most vulnerable places where it can cause corrosion – and where there is corrosion there may be leaks and malfunction. On the condenser, check for bent fins and be sure to straighten them to allow for proper air flow. Refrigerant levels should also be gauged as well as to inspect for any evidence of leakage in or around all the A/C component lines in and out of each of them.

As always, Radiator Pros offers and carries a full line of A/C component parts along with condensers such as compressors, evaporators, accumulators, and driers. Our website makes it easy for you to identify the replacement by either entering the OEM# into the search box or browsing through our online catalog. Summer promises to bring with it record breaking high temperatures so be sure you and your truck aren’t sweating it out by contacting us today for the right A/C component part, at the right price, and right on time for summer!