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DPF Cleaning


When it comes to diesel particulate filter cleaning services, there are two approaches...Reactive and Proactive. One could argue that either way works, and in some cases that may be true. But for the fleet manager or efficient owner/operator, cleaning DPF filters must be part of your regular service checklist.

Now manufacturers have varying recommendations on how often your diesel particulate filter should be cleaned. These recommendations range from 150,000 miles to 300,000 miles. What you must understand is these recommendations hold true under ideal driving conditions. The times where you're driving consistently at highway speeds, with a heavy load out and a heavy load back.

With heavy-heavy being an ideal situation, here are common conditions drivers face:
  • - Heavy out - light in
  • - Frequent stops, long idle times (buses)
  • - Frequent stops, long idle times with hydraulic use (garbage collection)

Each of these situations drastically reduce the recommended range for diesel particulate filter cleaning,
by as much as 75%.

Below is an image of the porous wall of a DPF which cleans the air as it is forced into the outlet cells:

DPF Cleaning Near Me                   diesel particulate filter cleaning - des moines ia



Unfortunately there are particles in your diesel exhaust that cannot be totally burned during regeneration. Items like fuel additives, oil lubricants and microscopic metals from engine wear. These particles are turned to ash and stay in your DPF until properly cleaned. The only way to make sure ash is removed is through a process of baking and blowing of the particulate filter. Proper DPF cleaning services will not only help your truck operate at optimum OE intended levels, but prolong the life of the diesel particulate filter as well.


As your DPF Filter Cleaning Service Headquarters, American Radiator has invested in additional DPF filter cleaning equipment. We are now able to properly clean oil or antifreeze soaked DPF's with our new burn-off oven. This process can also be completed on oil soaked engine components, egr valves or fuel tanks.

Hours and Directions for Diesel Particulate Filter Maintenance

Our DPF Filter Cleaning Process:
  • - Pre-cleaning inspection for internal or external defects.
  • - Pre-cleaning weight documentation.
  • - Pre-cleaning Inspector flow test.
  • - Blowing out of filter elements trapped in filter prior to baking process.
  • - 12-hour baking process with cool down phase.
  • - Blowing out of filter elements turned to powder during baking process.
  • - Post-cleaning Inspector flow test.
  • - Post-cleaning weight documentation.
  • - Compare post cleaning documentation to OE specs and pre-cleaning numbers.

Note: the blowing out processes is manually done in our diesel particulate filter cleaning cabinet. This allows us to spend additional time in areas of the filter needing it most.


The Result of American Radiator DPF Cleaning Service:
  • - Improved fuel economy, horsepower and performance.
  • - Maximizing cleaning intervals with scheduled maintenance.
  • - Increased DPF longevity.
  • - Reduced vehicle downtime.
  • - Lower overall maintenance and operating costs.
  • - Improved bottom line.
  • - A diesel particulate filter at "near new" condition.
What if your DPF is damaged and cannot be cleaned:
  • - American Radiator offers a full-line of new DPF and DOC filters.
  • - Filter options including Lifetime Warranty or Two-Year warranty coverage.
  • No Core Charge on new filters saves you hundreds of dollars.
  • - New In-The-Box Filters...not service exchange units.
  • - Take advantage of our Famous Same Day Shipping.

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